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UNIQSO Review: Barbie Puff 3 Tones


hey guys, today i’m reviewing the Barbie  Puffy 3 Tones in Brown which was kindly sponsored by Uniqso! Although this is sponsored this is my honest opinion on the site and on the lenses.


Ordering & Shipment:

To be honest I had quite some trouble when ordering those lenses. The process was quite confusing and the service was not the most capable one. They were kind, fast and nice but didn’t replied my question to my satisfactory. After days and days i finally managed to order some pair of circle lenses.The shipping was very fast which was unexpectedly pleasant since I chose standard shipping. Though the site stated the lenses would arrive within a month they actually came after 2 weeks. 



Very cute and nicely wrapped (although i was confused about the cotton swab which came along with my pair of contact lenses LOL). What I missed was some kind of instruction on how to open the container where the circle lenses lied in. But that’s just something I’m picky about.



The Design is one of a kind. I really like the reddish color and how these lenses give me an more exotic and mature look. Absolutely in love with the color.



At first I was very hesistant to order 16.5mm (diameter) big circle lenses.Still I wanted to give them a go. These are the biggest lenses I’ve ever owned but when worn they seem more like 14.5 mm big which I prefer. They give me some nice enhancement without looking creepy (lol). As already said above they are quite natural. If you’re looking for some big and dolly looking eyes these aren’t for you haha. For me they are perfect.



I could wear them for around 5 hours without using eye drops. So they are pretty average.

All in all i really adore these lenses and would recommend them ^^

To get the big brown circle lenses click here at UNIQSO

posted February 24 2013 at 00:00 (that was 1 year ago)
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